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The Sun Also Sets.

It’s looking like I’ll be sticking around the Midwest for another year.

Hoping this apartment works out; it would certainly be a good start to get off to. 

  1. cultofkimber said: It’s so lovely!
  2. toteachandtolearn said: The floors, doors and bike out front give off the vibe of a pretty nice place.
  3. woodsmokeandhymns said: What a lovely place! Hope you get it. Though, I am a bit sad that there is no Carolina in your near future.
  4. thespoonandfork said: those floors.
  5. lovelessramblings said: that’s nice!
  6. geraniumkisses said: I’m beginning the apartment hunt in Denver currently. And might I say that it is one of the most frustrating things in the world. I can’t wait to have a contact in my hand.
  7. mallowtree said: Holy spacious, Batman! I miss my old apartment so much.
  8. israelhill said: Bummer.
  9. lovedly said: Lovely doors and floors.
  10. mspontellier said: Look at those floors! And, that doorway! How pretty!
  11. chesterjrtravis said: Nice! Love the hardwood.
  12. trailofsightandsound said: like the screen door :)
  13. snowman1984 said: Very nice man
  14. rachelhaines said: As an historic preservation student, I will be WAY jealous if you get an apartment that looks that amazing. What year was that built?
  15. speioritur said: Its beautiful!
  16. marisaface said: So nice.
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