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The Sun Also Sets.
King of the world. 


"You and Jesse Harding are the same person? Amazing the similarity of their tumblrs."
- Anonymous

Man, I wish I was as cool as that guy. 

He’s my dude, though. Definitely my dude.  

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I started a thing.

Hand-made prints, drawn and pressed by yours truly here in lovely Austin, Texas. 

It’s small, right now, but there is more to come in the upcoming weeks and months.

Go! Click! Post! Like! Insult! Reblog! Mock! Pin? Tweet? Buy? 

Limited number on all prints - once they’re gone, they’re gone.

(Also - if you’re going to repost this, please - please - keep the links and information. I hate a muddled up feed as much as anybody, but, goddammit, just leave it be.) 



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